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Taught by the world's most fun voice and messaging coach

Experience the Make Your Voice Mean Business Intensive Virtual Experience!

"Helen's workshop was full of fantastic, practical information ... valuable for anyone who uses their voice in business - or in life. Whether it's how to warm-up my voice or how to start a sentence, rarely is there a day that goes by that I do not think of something Helen taught me." 

Stephanie Hester

Keynote Speaker, Breakout Session Speaker, Team Building Leader

2018 DATES


OCT 31


DEC 13

All sessions will be held virtually - safely from your own computer in your familiar and comfortable environment.

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Each intensive coaching session is capped at 8 participants to ensure ample time to focus on everyone.

Practice delivering your own message. Receive valuable and constructive feedback to make the biggest impact when you speak!

About the Make Your Voice Mean Business™ Virtual Intensive Experience

When you talk, do people listen?

Are you comfortable speaking in front of people you want to influence

Do you feel confident are you when introducing yourself, describing what you do, or asking for a sale? 

If not, you are certainly missing business opportunities - from fear, from inability to connect, from lack of confidence. 

You deserve to be VALUED and recognized as the EXPERT that you are. 


But how do you make that happen?

Everything you need to be heard, seen and respected is waiting for you:  

• The Science behind being perceived the way you WANT

Tools to instantly be heard and to connect on an emotional level

• The Confidence to step into any speaking situation with authority

Finally feel like you can NAIL your introduction or presentation EVERY TIME, leveraging your voice as your #1 SECRET ADVANTAGE!

Whether you are an Entrepreneur building your sales and marketing funnels, a Professional ready to negotiate a raise or promotion, or a Thought Leader with ideas the world needs to hear, MASTERING YOUR VOICE is the key to reaching your dreams...

During this Half-Day intensive experience, you can expect:

  • a safe and encouraging environment to try new skills
  • immediate, specific, and practical feedback on your speaking from your coach and peers
  • keys to calming your nerves, getting your point across, and being taken seriously
  • simple but effective concepts that will change the way you communicate
  • practice telling your message using Helen's Secret Formula for Influence



“Helen is a brilliant speaker! Fun, funny, engaging, inspiring and always leaves me wanting more.”


“Want to increase your ability to communicate your value in the marketplace? Then Helen’s workshop is a ‘must do’!” 


“Helen naturally connects with audience members, makes us feel comfortable and primes us to step out of our comfort zone.” 

A Letter from Your Voice and Messaging Coach:

Don't give up, the World NEEDS you!

Hey You!

I know you have something to say that is important and deserves to be communicated in a CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, and even LUCRATIVE way. 

Up until now, you have succumbed to nerves, self-doubt, and fear that prevented your authentic voice from being heard. You have felt overlooked and underappreciated. The hard truth is that your voice itself - THE WAY YOU TALK - has been undermining your efforts to get what you WANT and DESERVE in all aspects of your life.

You can't afford not to conquer your voice. Research suggests the fear of public speaking has a 10% impairment on wages and a 15% impairment on promotion to management. For me, I felt that I had to say the perfect thing in order to be accepted. My pursuit of perfection and fear of rejection kept me from serving the people I could help and prevented my business from growing. Once I decided to stop trying to live up to everyone else's expectations everything changed - at home and in business. 

Don't become a statistic. You CAN speak with confidence in every situation. Whether on stages, in the board room, or in difficult conversations, IT'S TIME. Your journey starts NOW!

With Love,


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